FINALLY REVEALED: Obama Spent NEARLY $100.000.000 Dollars Of Taxpayer Money On Vacation

Obama did nothing but damage the country that is almost hard for Trump to get anything done. The changes for America are starting to happen now after long eight years. Trump is working very hard to bring back the order in this country. And now we find out that Obama not only hurt America with his policy, he also spent hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars on vacations for him and his family.

“For eight long years, the Obamas spent our tax dollars for a lavish jet-setting lifestyle,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Many in the media would only focus on President Trump’s travel, but Barack Obama continues to cost taxpayers with his luxury travel and we aim to get the facts.”

Judicial Watch recently released a report that shows how much money they spent over the years. The amount of money is frightening.

For instance…

The cost of his March 2014 getaway to Key Largo during Spring Break was $1,133,510.50. the family stayed at the Ocean Reef Club which costed $182,120.33; he spent $247,827.50 on Secret Service; $65,707.17 in other travel expenses and the flight costs was $885,683.

This is huge amount of money for one vacation. And they loved going on those vacations. The amount of money they spent is over $100 million while he was in office and that is only for vacations. And the liberals are attacking Trump for his spending.

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