Attorney General Ken Paxton: Trump Has Done More To Stop Illegal Immigration Than Any Other In World History

t’s evident- President Trump is doing a good job. He took over when Obama left our country in a mess and slowly problems are solving one by one. But it’s well-known that the liberals and Democrats won’t report any of the good things President Trump did this past month.

It’s a good thing we have Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. In his Friday interview with The Daily Caller, he had only nice words for the Trump administration’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration. Paxton said that the administration has had unprecedented success with stopping illegal crossings, which according to him is an important issue to Texas.

Via Daily Caller: “They’ve done more than any administration in the history of the world,” Paxton said when asked if he thought the Trump administration had done enough to keep Trump’s campaign promises regarding illegal immigration.

“So I’m pretty happy that they’ve done so much in such a short period of time so it would really be difficult for me to criticize them on that issue because there’s no comparison with any other administration as far as how quickly and effectively they’ve approached the problem on many different fronts.”

Later, when asked what he considers the most important thing the Trump administration has done so far, Paxton again pointed to the White House’s work on immigration.

“I think this immigration issue has been huge. Just because there’s such a risk of a terrorist threat, the fact that those numbers are so far down from where they were, I think that has been remarkable how quickly they got to that and how effective they’ve been in impacting those numbers,” he told TheDC.

The flood of illegal border crossings has dramatically decreased under Trump, who has embraced a much tougher stance on immigration than his predecessor, Barack Obama. While immigration-related arrests within the US have surged, the number of apprehensions at the border has plummeted.

Figures released by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection this week show that the number of illegal aliens apprehended at the US-Mexico border last month dropped 64 percent compared to the same period last year.

Paxton said it’s encouraging to see the number of illegals crossing the border drop so dramatically.

“Obviously we always have more room to improve but they’ve done a really good job with that issue,” he said.

Building the wall was one of the main reasons why people wanted Donald Trump in the White House. After all, we are tired of paying the way for illegals, medical, education, criminal trials, etc. Voting for Trump has been one of the best things I’ve seen our country do. When it comes to illegal immigrants it is a well-known fact that it’s cheaper to deport them than it is to support them.

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