NEWS Right Before Melania & Ivanka Departed, Saudi Arabia Gives Them SPECIAL Surprise…

President Trump has been getting a lot of positive press during his first foreign trip.

He met with Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia before touching down in Israel this morning.

He’s not the only one who is having a good trip.

The Trump women are grabbing headlines as well.

Check out what people are saying about Melania and Ivanka…

First lady Melania Trump and first daughter Ivanka Trump were praised by Saudi Arabian newspapers for their elegant fashion style while visiting the Muslim country this weekend.

Arab News ran a special section featuring a front-page photo of Melania wearing a Stella McCartney jumpsuit when she arrived at Riyadh airport, praising her “classy, conservative and elegantly respectful” outfit.

Ivanka Trump made a similarly outstanding impression on the Saudis, where the Twitter hashtag “bint Trump” (Arabic for “Trump’s daughter”) was the No. 1 trending topic over the weekend.


Looks like the whole family is representing America well.

Interesting that the conservative Saudi Arabian media was impressed by the way the Trump women dressed.

From The Daily Mail:

Melania Trump’s outfit choices are the hit of Saudi Arabia, according to local press.

Images of the Sunday edition of Arab News have begun circulating on Twitter, bearing the headline: ‘classy and conservative’ in reference to the first lady’s style displayed on her first foreign trip with her husband Donald Trump.

The paper included an image of Melania disembarking from Air Force One in Riyadh on Saturday in all-black.

The jumpsuit looked very much like an abaya, a loose overgarment worn by many Saudi women.

Looks like she nailed it!

You know it’s gotta drive the media nuts here that the media overseas is being so kind to the Trump family.