Wow, the election of Donald Trump keeps getting better and better. Not only do we get to keep our guns and the money we earn, but preachy liberal soft-rock band U2 is shelving their new album. Citing Trump as the reason, the group is holding off on releasing their new material. This is so much bigger a gift than when the gave away (forced) their last album to everyone for free.

Rolling Stone interviewed U2’s guitarist Edge and he broke the happy news.

“When we came off the last tour, the Innocence and Experience indoor tour, we headed straight into finishing the second album of that set, Songs of Experience, which we were pretty much complete with after a couple of weeks of the final touches leading up to the end of the year.

And then the election [happened] and suddenly the world changed. We just went, Hold on a second – we’ve got to give ourselves a moment to think about this record and about how it relates to what’s going on in the world.’ That’s because it was written mostly, I mean, 80 percent of it was started before 2016, but most of it was written in the early part of 2016, and now, as I think you’d agree, the world is a different place,” said a grown man who calls himself The Edge.

In case you aren’t sure what he’s talking about, this should clear things up:

“The Trump election. It’s like a pendulum has suddenly just taken a huge swing in the other direction. So, anyway, we then were looking at the anniversary of The Joshua Tree, and another thing started to dawn on us, which is that weirdly enough, things have kind of come full circle, if you want. That record was written in the mid-Eighties, during the Reagan-Thatcher era of British and U.S. politics.

It was a period when there was a lot of unrest. Thatcher was in the throes of trying to put down the miners’ strike; there was all kinds of shenanigans going on in Central America. It feels like we’re right back there in a way. I don’t think any of our work has ever come full circle to that extent. It just felt like, ‘Wow, these songs have a new meaning and a new resonance today that they didn’t have three years ago, four years ago.’ And so it was kind of serendipitous, really, just the realization that we needed to put the album on ice for a minute just to really think about it one more time before putting it out, just to make sure that it really was what we wanted to say,” said Edge.

What I’m getting from this is, like everyone on the left, U2 was taken by surprise that America was sick and tired of liberalism and voted Donald Trump into office. Because their fragile bubble burst, the band is going to go back and write some anti-Trump songs to express their grief and anger over being ideologically rejected.

Whatever the reason, it’s great news that new music from U2 won’t be assaulting our earns any time in the near future. Even better, Edge says they probably won’t force the new album onto everyone’s phones and iPods, though he did suggest that he and Bono might sneak into everyone’s house and leave a CD. With Trump in the White House and our gun rights secured, that could create an even better surprise.