Ha! Obama Falls For Fake News Story, Makes A Fool Of Himself In Front Of Millions

Barack Obama, who has been attacking right-wing news outlets and blogs for supposedly posting “fake news,” otherwise known as the truth about him and his waste of time administration, just fell victim to some fake news of his own.

It’s well known that the left is obsessed with taking anything and everything the right tweets and turning it into something it’s not. One of the best at this game of bait and switch is the lying fake news site “Groopspeak.” They regularly post headlines about Trump being “furious” and his campaign or presidency “coming to an end.” They have on multiple occasions claimed Trump was going to be indicted.

Early this morning, Barack Obama came across a story on their page that is absolutely false and decided he’d tweet it out so the millions of jerks who follow him could be duped by more of the lies of the left. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet, which was deleted in less than 8 minutes after someone must have pointed out that he was posting garbage from a garbage dump:


What a dumb thing to Tweet. In just 8 minutes it was retweeted and liked over 30,000 times, meaning it probably has a reach of millions of gullible liberals who will believe anything they read on the internet.

That’s really just sad, isn’t it?




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