Haters Come UNGLUED When Ivanka Trump Posts An Adorable Photo Of Her 8-Month-Old Son

Either way you look at it, every last one of us is here because of our mother. For those of us who are lucky enough to have had a loving mother, realize they were proud of us. Ivanka Trump is a loving mother herself, and she posted an adorable photo of her beaming son, Theodore, who has just turned eight months old.

While most people responded appropriately, those on the left once again made fools of themselves. Ivanka was called a number of awful names just for being a proud mother.

Mothers everywhere – in every socioeconomic status – would snap a picture of their son in that pose for their scrapbook.

The comments went from appropriate, to mildly passive-aggressive, to bad, and then to downright hostile. First, there were the typical comments from those who are mothers as well.

After that, there were people who felt the need to correct Ivanka on the fact that eight months isn’t actually a “birthday,” but apparently these individuals are just a bit ignorant of human development.

As any experienced mother would know, a newborn child undergoes an amazing amount of milestones in their first year of life. They learn to laugh, they learn to respond to their mother’s touch, and they learn to distinguish one person from another. And yes, they learn how to smile. Every month a child makes some incredible steps forward, and so many mothers choose to celebrate every month until about 18 months when things slow down.

So, while it’s not technically a birthday, eight months is a milestone many would be proud of. “Look how awesome my little boy is!” has been said by mothers for literally thousands of years in so many ways. These liberals seem to have forgotten they all have mothers who did the same thing.

It takes a lot of courage to be in the public eye and make a stand that many misguided individuals might find unpopular. This kid’s grandfather probably thought long and hard before he made his decision to run for president because of the hate that would then be directed at his family.

Ivanka is a courageous woman as well, and by posting a picture of her son, she is telling the world how proud she is of him. She knew some would take the opportunity to pick at her, but she won’t let it dim her celebration.

And, of course, as this article demonstrates, pick at her they did. However, let’s make something absolutely clear. It takes no courage whatsoever to be a troll and cut people down.

Ivanka Trump deserves better treatment, but I guess that’s liberals for you: “Do as I say, but not as I do.” Congratulations, Ivanka, on your son turning eight months old!

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