After Colin Kaepernick Praises Fidel Castro at Presser, He Gets What’s Coming to Him

You may know of Colin Kaepernick for disrespectfully kneeling during the national anthem. Well, he hasn’t stopped being disrespectful.

Hours before Fidel Castro’s death was announced on the news, Colin Kaepernick was seen wearing a T-shirt that was supportive of the Cuban dictator, as per The Miami Herald. Sports writer Armando Salguero confronted Kaepernick asking, “Are you not aware that Fidel Castro is one of the 20th century’s biggest oppressors of people?”

Kaepernick responded by saying that the T-shirt he was wearing also had Malcolm X on it and that he was a believer X’s resolve to fight oppression.

Kaepernick argued that he respected Malcolm X ‘s meeting with Castro, which he thinks showed X’s willingness to approach people of different viewpoints. He also complemented Castro for giving Cuba high literacy rates.

In response, Salguero reminded the football player that Castro’s reign broke up families, and that he violently took over the country without an election.

Unfortunately, the guilt of the Cuban government does not stop there. Citizens of the country have been without the fundamental human rights of due process, assembly, association, privacy or movement under the Cuban regime.

The Cuban state uses abusive police tactics to keep its people in conformity by throwing them in jail, prosecuting them, or restricting the travel if they show even small signs of disloyalty.

To give an example, President Obama made his visit to Cuba and was greeted by many protests organized by the dissenting group the Ladies in White. Much of the group’s members were arrested for these “acts of disloyalty” against the state.

Kaepernick tried to dodge these issues by, nonsensically, arguing that some people in the United States are put in jail, after the due process of law. What a ridiculous comparison! If Cuba is such a great place to be with high literacy rates as Kaepernick seems to imply, why did so many Cubans flee the country to Florida’s shores? Why are there still people risking their lives to come here?

The obstinate football player has no idea what he is talking about. Besides disrespecting the National Anthem and his country. Cubans were ruled by a brutal dictator for many years and we should rejoice in that dictator’s death, not celebrate in the cruel injustices he cast over the country.

With Cuba America beginning the new year with a new President, we can hopefully assist Cuba and develop a strong relationship with them. If that happens, maybe we’ll all be able to celebrate Castro’s death together… with a nice Cuban cigar.

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