Garden of Love at Château de Villandry: Most Romantic Gardens in France


Jardin d’amour – jardin de “l’amour tendre”. Garden of Love — Tender Love. Château de Villandry has a great love story to go along with the breathtaking Renaissance gardens that embody romance. A young Spanish doctor, Joachim Carvallo, met and fell in love with a young American medical research intern, Ann Coleman. She was the daughter of a master blacksmith from Pennsylvania. They sunk all of their money into the castle of Villandry and worked tirelessly on their passion of restoring it. They converted part of the estate into a hospital to take care of the wounded during WWI, but after the war, went back to their passion of transforming the romantic park at Chateau de Villandry, originally created by Jean Le Breton, into a stunning design of romantic gardens that still exist today.


Gardens of the Chateau de Villandry — France from above. These are considered perhaps the most romantic gardens in the world. There are three garden styles, the farthest away is the formal water garden, the 2-part ornamental garden has topiary hedges ripe with symbolism for love including for the “Garden of Love” and the “Garden of Music.” The third type of garden at Chateau de Villandry is a decorative kitchen garden. Photo #2 by Yann Arthus-Bertrand via wallcoo


Gorgeous Renaissance Garden of Love at Chateau de Villandry is composed of four aspects of love: Tender Love, Passionate Love, Fickle Love and Tragic Love.Photo #3 by Charlotte Powell





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